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Internet is intermittent again this morning here in the office. Nose is now running nasal juices and germs are spreading as my mouth blows explosive sneezes that can demolish the whole building. It’s getting uncomfortable. Uncomfortable situations triggers my allergy. Allergy causes me to sneeze thousand times before it will halt. Therefore, uncomfortable events make me sneeze.

There were also uncomfortable cases that didn’t trigger my allergy. No, not that Friday night out with co-bloggers, I didn’t even sweat on it. My revelations were no biggie at all, and I guess all else who were left that morning on that table were dissatisfied with my answers. I can even blog about my leakage, but because of my respect with our contract about those unbloggables, I will not write about it.

Maybe I was unloved for many years, but I never said I didn’t have any relationships before. Like a fling, but they were less than that. Past affairs were intangible, partners’ identities were anonymous. Is it possible to fall for them? I’m doubtful about that.

First encounter with this affair was aeons ago. It staged back when the primitive black idiot box introduced Link TV— a mobile chatroom in the cable boobtube, which costs 2.50 pesos-per-text of my 300-peso load in my cellphone. I got hooked and I became member of my clan not minding how much I spend with every chat I post in that chatroom. There I met a girl, we threw messages on the airwaves to each other until we both have our own landline numbers. Smokes came out of our ears as we talk endlessly on the phone and degree burns on our fingers from texting vigorously on that classic monotoned phone.

Until one night, she made a move, she courted me. Laughter rumbled across the room and disbelief ran in my head continuously asking her “Are you serious?”. She was. Loving someone anonymous is not accepted by my system, fling is more tolerable term in our heads. So fling it was, but I was still laughing my heart out when she asked me to be his boyfriend. Week after, an eyeball meeting was suddenly came to the founders, and being one of the active members, I gave them the venue and date. All else agreed to meet in Shangri-La Mall, but with all having a “check operator” status on their mobiles, meeting was difficult for us. There I met my not-anonymous-anymore fling partner. Petite and fair skinned young girl, but our chemistry didn’t blend well. We lasted for a week… on the phone.

Then came college, got several crushes in our campus, but none of them became a prospect or at least a potential partner. A childhood friend came to me and he gave me a possible girlfriend. We were both introduced — thanks to the technology of phone party conference — with faces hiding behind the wires of the telephone. Luckily, we had friendster accounts, the sad thing is, I had a picture all over my profile, while she used images that was not hers. She was still anonymous to me. We burned our ears and wasted saliva with the phone’s handset. Talks ranged from wholesome to sensual, we got close, but only phone pals. Pressured by my friend and her peers teasing us and linking to each other as if we are showbiz personalities she came into a gameplan. Pretend as lovers, we both agreed on it. My friend and their peers fell for it. The gameplan was successful indeed, and everything went well. The plan lasted for a month and concluded by her dumping me. We were one month lovers but our eyes never met personally. With her, I first experienced a sensual phone talk. Removing it off my head would not be that easy. Details? Forget it!

I never loved before, but it didn’t necessarily mean I never had any affairs. Will those affairs count? I guess not.

Unfortunately, there were no physical affairs to tell. None at the moment. Wait for it, it will be a wild one.


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