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Late again for work, there’s nothing new there, this habit has been often these days. Waking at 7:30am is not really that bad for me to get late, knowing that I’m just 15 minutes away from work. I could have arrived at work early and with no deductions in my payslip. But here I am, tardy again. Darn!

This morning, my attention was lured by the irresistible charm of my cuddly going 2 years old niece. She is inquisitive and intelligent but with a recklessness of a boy. A tomboy, but definitely not a lesbo, she’s too young to be distincted to that. Our steel gates became trees as she climbed to the rills, the foam they used last night became her pool as she dived, tumbled and swam through the seas of pillows.

Her curiosity with every object she holds by her hand amazed me. Once she holds an item that her little brain can’t identify, she will ask “Ito?“. And when explaining or telling a story to this adorable cuddly child, she will reply “Oh?” like saying “Then?”. As if this kid really understands every word, while in her head everything said is just a blur of thoughts and events. I guess her inquisitiveness will bring her success someday. Maybe she will become a gossip writer or replace the throne of Cristy Fermin.

My reckless inquisitive niece attracted me to stay home a bit longer before going to the office. So here I am again, tardy in my timecard. It will be deducted again to my salary – which I hope to be given today. Pity.

There’s a booze night out with fellow bloggers tonight and my pockets are running low with cash. I hope we’ll receive our payslip and salary today so I can splurge a little and truly enjoy tonight. I’m not worrying about being late, it’s a night out and punctuality is not that important. Unless I arrive too late when alcohol already consumed their brain and all else are sleeping on their bed… or perhaps, the patio to their house, worse, on the floor of EDSA Shrine soaked with their own vomit.



  1. Just want to ask, magkano nagasta mo nung Fri-Saturday?


  2. not much… really not much!

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