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Squirting and gushing blood, it’s a vampire’s wet dream. I am no vampire but seeing my finger bleeding profusely for the first time made me thirsty for my own blood. But of course, I would not suck my own blood from my finger, I need a first aid.

I was almost done with the household chores – which I’m doing now for a few days now because of being alone – when I decided to eat my breakfast. Cheese sandwich was what I thought to have this morning, so I grab the cheddar cheese from the freezer and a knife. Cutting through the frozen cheese was so hard for me and with the knife. I went back to the kitchen and got the steak knife instead.

Steak knife was definitely better, but the cheese was frozen hard. The knife also had a hard time getting through the cheese, I put my left hand below it to give it a harder thrust. It went through, but I guess my thrust was too hard; I cut my left index finger. It was bleeding profusely. I went to the kitchen sink, opened the faucet and washed the gushing blood off my finger. Blood ran like river off my index finger as the water poured on it.

Suddenly, the ever wrong-timing garbage collector arrived to get our daily house trash. I rushed to get the trash bag off the garbage can and gave it to them. It was also Sunday, I paid them the their weekly collection. I dripped my blood on the floor, I mopped them afterwards. My mind was screaming, “Where’s the Band-Aid?! Where’s the band aid?.” I got the plaster from the medicine box and saddle it on the wounded bleeding index finger. At last, it stopped.

I went back to the dining table, and ate the cheese sandwich I prepared. The sandwich that made me scatter my blood all over the house.

I should have collected all my blood then to make dinuguan for my lunch or stored it in a plastic bag and donated it to the Philippine Red Cross.



  1. ahihihi, sino ka nga ba uli!? ahihi

  2. ewan, sino nga ba ako ulit? amnesiac yata ako!

  3. Housework is dangerous!

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