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All I really wanna say
I can’t say it’s love I need
But my soul will have to wait till I get back and find
heina of my own
Lyrics from Santeria by Sublime

That song keeps on repeating around my head. My brain is humming it’s melody and my mouth can’t stop singing that song. I heard that song often at NU 107 but I really didn’t bother much of that song until I attended the last night of 6 Underground in Makati. After every band’s performance they would play Santeria, and you could even hear the crowd singing it.

I downloaded it through Limewire and added that song and other singles from Sublime to my 3gb of music files. The song is really great, I’m now hooked and addicted listening, humming and singing it on top of my lungs. Santeria is a reggae-ish song, just great for summer vibe.

I just found out the definitions for some of the words they used here in their lyrics. Heina is a carribean term for girlfriend and Sancho/Sanchito is for the other man, or more distinguishable as the third party. That makes this song to be about an ex-boyfriend wanting revenge for a sancho who stole his girlfriend. So this one is not really intended for me?

But then, I found the lyrics – the one above – to be relatable to me. I don’t need love but a girlfriend of my soul. Woah, that’s mushy!

I guess I better be off to find my heina, before that sanchito grab and take her away from my life. My dad don’t have a .45 to kill that sanchito if ever he arrives.

Now, where should I start finding for my heina?


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