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My grandmother’s loss brought me into a home of loneliness. My mom and my cousin left to Aparri for the wake and burial of my beloved Mamang. Now here I am, alone at home. I filed a 2-day vacation leave at work because I should also be joining them in Apparri. But because my dad will be alone at home, I choose to be left here at home to manage the chores and guard our house. My dad arrives at night so the rest of the day, the house is mine.

My eyes opened in darkness as dawn still ruled the early hours. I had just a few hours of sleep so I still tried to catch those z’s. None of those z’s came, instead, x’s arrived in my head.

I risen by 7am and washed the laundry and finished the household chores. All done by 10am. What else should I do? None, except absorb the warmth of the extreme summer heat. I played No One Lives Forever 2 here in my PC. At lunch, I ate a replay of our dinner last night, longganisa and mackerel. Mid-day, it was a horrific boredom and terrible combusting weather. Tried to get a nap but hindrances were all over the places. Then night came, I bought a peppery chicken adobo at the nearby carinderia. And the rest of the night, here in front of the PC and blogging.

I am alone now, I should be happy because I could do everything I want. I could roam the house barenaked and rollover the floor. I could have a porn galore or jerk many times in every corners of our house. But somehow, I didn’t choose to (or somehow did).

This house is mine for now. There are still days to come. I should come up an idea to somehow enjoy the boredom here at home.


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