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It was a bizarre day today. This morning till noon time was in hurry, just like what I always do every morning rushing to work to avoid late, yet still ended tardy.

Until mid-afternoon, darkness covered my world. The atmosphere went gloomy and my heart was pounding slower. Time had stopped and everything went slow-mo. Just like the birds flying slowly in the National Geographic or the bullet-time as introduced by The Matrix. Yes, time ran slow this mid-afternoon.

As I walked home, my feet were heavier, unable to walk fast as I always would. “There was something going wrong today”, I thought. I entered the house as I normally would, took off my shoes, socks and checked myself in front of that gigantic mirror. I saw my niece, and at the sala I found my cousin. She brought me a sad news as I walked inside our home.

Our Mamang, our grandma died just around 3pm (or sometime that hour) this afternoon. The moment when things paced slowly. I wanted to cry yet not a tear would want to drop from my eyes. I was sad for I loved my Mamang very much. She took care of me when I was small and my thoughts were so pure. She took care of me when my parents were working abroad while my baby teeth were just popping out of my gums. She was the witness of my childhood, and if I could only remember each second of that time, I would be treasure and nurture those fond young memories.

Now she’s gone. I will not grieve. I am sad, yes, but more, I’m happy for her because she is now at peace. I am happy for her because she will not be suffering the pains and trouble here on earth. I am happy for her because she will not receive the pains of hypertension and the stroke that put her now into eternal rest.

I love Mamang and forever I will remember her.

Now I should move on, stand strong, and start changing the course of my life.


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  1. […] was restless the whole day and anxiety reigned my body. Fear reminded me of my grandma, my aunt and my mom’s mother, who died just this April of the same condition. I should not be thinking that, but for the same occurrence in the same year? […]

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