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Manny Pacquiao won in his bout yesterday agains Jorge Solis. So what? I don’t give a damn with that.

I didn’t bother to waste my time in front of the tube yesterday. Instead, I just went in front of my PC and burned my eyes with data and infos on my monitor. Sweat was running all over my body as I sit still in front of that primitive PC. Fans would not even work to cool my rising temperature. Yet, I sat still in front of the PC while hearing voices reporting about the fight of Pacman.

Manny Pacquiao won on the 8th round, still, I didn’t give a damn. My eyes were still staring at the monitor waiting and answering with letters, words and phrases in the chatroom. It was still bloody hot and sweat was rolling down my chest while mucous poured out my nostrils like faucet. I was sneezing all over the house and spreading some bacteria love with the furnitures and appliances.

It was April 15, 2007 yesterday. A Sunday. It was sunny, alright.

Today is the 16th of April, exactly one month before my celebrated day, MY day.


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