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What’s going wrong with the world? Things have gone worse these days.

It’s not just the climate has gone worse, politics has gone mad or the daily struggles with bad hair day. C’mon! Local TV shows are crappy these days. I can’t even bear to lay my eyes on that idiot box. Luckily, there’s this savior, cable TV. The primetime TV shows and teleseryes are so lame and can’t be called quality viewing anymore.

Fantaseryes. Loads of full crap here. They will boast of the visual effects yet none of those effects are so stunning. I understand that we can’t make the same quality as the hollywood filmmakers. Even the bluescreen and harnesses are still obvious if not visible in the tube. But then, I appreciate the costumes (not the SuperTwins costumes, copycats of SailorMoon) because they are great making it, except for the props and set design because they are obvious fake rocks or steels from painted foam boards.

If the opposing channel showcases fantaseryes, the other one produces the stereotyped copycat scripts for their daily primetime dramas. The show will have award-winning dramatic actors in their list (but will die later on if they can’t cope with the budget) and will contain what most Filipino teleseryes are composed of: rags-to-riches, bitches slapping, men killing each other with handguns and later with barehands, forsaken kids, stupid quotes, and cursed lovers.

I hate watching local primetime TV shows. They are so predictable and their scripts are horribly stupid. Producers and directors should do their assignments and make more research before making TV shows before they end up with shitty shows.

They are the reasons why TV is called the IDIOT BOX.


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