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Easter Sunday. 6:00am. My mom woke me up for me to prepare for the day’s outing. It was a long fun splashy day.

It was a family outing planned by my cousins. I really don’t belong to their family because it is on the other side of his parents. But being his cousin and a long time tenant and family friend of theirs, I am also invited with these gimmicks.

We traveled the road in a school service van. The van moved smoothly along the South Expressway. The kids were talking about their daily college life, their friends and of course, texted gazillions of messages until we reach the destination. We stopped to the chosen location, the Laguna Hot Spring. It was a very nostalgic place because we would always go there every summer during our childhood days with their late grandfather. The hot spring was a sentimental memory in our heads. And I felt, how each one reminisce with those memories.

The water was not the same anymore. It never looked the same in the past. It was deep before or maybe our legs have grown bigger making the pool only waist-deep. The red rocks at the bottom made the hot spring to appear like a pool of chocolates waiting for people to splash on it. I stepped into the pool, I felt the warmth of the water embracing my feet as I move down deeper. It was still warm, a natural heat unlike the private pools around Los Baños where pools were made hot by a heater. We even investigated the legendary merman we thought living behind the bars of the pool’s passage. Some people would still lie on the corner to receive a massage from the masseurs and masseuse working there.

The gang frolicked in the pool but then hided into the shade because of fear of being darkened by the sun’s scorching rays. We ate grilled chickens, squids and hito to satisfy our hungry growling stomach we almost forgot to feed as we swam into the warm waters. The splashing made ripples and small currents on the chocolate waters. It was fun, it was great.

I made lots of pictures but there were less of me in it. Of course, I was the photographer that day.

The summer has not yet ended, but long breaks will be soon again. No more long weekends again for tomorrow I will be back at work… air conditoned. Cool!


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  1. what a lovely day.. enjoy the rest of the summer!

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