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It’s Good Friday today. There’s no beef or pork on our dinner table. Only the bean sprouts and the ever favorite fried chicken was served by dinner this evening.

Streets were soaked with blood and water while penitensya devotees roamed as they lash their backs. Walls were stained and the stench of blood travelled through the nostrils. Vomits would have splashed the floor if anyone could not take the obnoxious smell of sweat, blood and water mixed on the surfaces of those soft skins. Skins were cut with razors to promote more bleeding.

Click. Clack. Click. Clack. Those were the sounds of their penance. Click. Clack. It was the pain they offer for them to be saved from hell. Click. Clack. They thought they would be saved from sin. Click. Clack. That’s not the sound of salvation. I am not a believer of old beliefs and tradition. I am a sinner, I must admit that, but I don’t believe a piece of wood piercing of my bleeding back will cleanse my soul. If it is true, then politicians, druglords, and other crime lords should start lashing their backs no.

I dislike this kind of traditions. In fact, I object it. Luckily, I enjoy this. Not from watching them bleed or seeing them suffer but the fact that holy week is considered a non-working holiday. It’s a long break to enjoy.

Boredom is the only penance.


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