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My eyes opened in a humid day. Prepared sunny side up for my breakfast. I took a bath with a warm water pouring out from the faucet. I dressed up and rode two jeepneys to take me at work.

There was a 15-minute blackout, occurred twice. Then, the sky wept and tears fell down the dry streets. I looked up to the sky and hoped that her weep would cool down the hot humid air that coated the atmosphere.

Sun came out a few minutes after hiding behind the rain clouds. It was summer again. The air was so humid that even clothes would stick on my skin. I could even feel my hair damp as I walk the hallway outside our office. I hate humidity!


Tomorrow will be the start of the long weekend. I will have my vacation in my own room and feel the fresh cool breeze of the electric fan while reading the latest issue of FHM. I may not be enjoying for a few days in a beach or away from home. Getting my eyes red from watching the DVD’s I bought from MCS will somehow cope the coming boring days.

Let these five days be mine to defrag and unwind. It will be aeons again for another long weekend.


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