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Holy week has started. I know this because all else are planning for their vacation on the coming long weekend. The Malibay Cenaculo also started this Palm Sunday. The Cenaculo here is known and credited by the Commission of the Culture and Arts here in the Philippines.

Let’s have a flashback.

Back in the days, we used to watch Cenaculo. We even had free pass and a seat in front because my cousins’ grandpa was a known Barangay Captain in Malibay. We enjoy it when we were kids but I really didn’t understand what they were saying on stage. They were having an orgasmic moan up there, only with a monotonous tune.

Our Cenaculo is unique because they will have a parade around the town and enact the passion of the Christ in the streets. It’s Malibay’s way of retelling the station of the cross. People will crowd around the streets to have a look at the parade.

Now I’ve grown to it, I am no longer amused with our town’s cenaculo. And still, I can’t understand their dialogues. Is it a moan or an alien having a conversation with a dolphin?

I will be condemned with blasphemy for this post.


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