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The sun has gone mad over our planet. He wanted to burn all the flammables around us.

It was screaming hot few days now. I know it’s summer, but the humidity is really pestering my days and nights. Last Friday, I went to Makati Cinema Square to buy my pirated season 1 Heroes DVD. By golly, it was so hot, even inside MCS! I was sweating ducks, and my shirt that time was also thin so everyone could see how sweaty I was that time. I just managed the heat by wasting a hundred peso bill in Jollibee. I cooled down because I was still planning going to Glorietta and watch TMNT afterwards.

Then Saturday came. There was an event I need to attend that night. I had a great time, and I met there some of my online pals. It feels good to meet and have a good time with new people. I did enjoy our conversations and the time we had there, it was a blast.

I guess meeting new folks are really great. There are thrills with it.

But still, I’m hot… literally because we have a scorching summer ahead.


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