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What’s with this blog? This is so miserable. It is so dull and too pathetic. I’m not pathetic, why am I posting like this? It turns to be pitiful. The posts here should contain enlightenment and not adding to my miseries. Pity, pity, pity. I should have slashed my wrist instead.

I’ve turned to be emo here. And when did I start to become emo? I am no pathetic emo, in fact, I hate them. And now, I’m turning one of them. Kill me instead. I don’t want to morph and belong with the wrist-slashing-pity-me-because-I’m-so-sad people.

I am no emo, I am not sad either. I may complain with a lot of things about my life but I am not dramatic. This maybe the end result of dreaming to be an award winning dramatic actor. I don’t like dramas too, that’s why I am no fond of watching those doomed teleseryes.

What’s happening with me? Being a loner most of the time doesn’t mean I’m uber pathetic lonely. I’m ecstatic being an only son, virgin and single. My friends are enjoying their life and I should be having fun too.

Fuck all the miseries in the world and move on with my life. I’m not pathetic, I don’t need mercy. All I need is a night-out, booze and some money to spend…

Or perhaps a porn movie to jerk with!


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