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Mucous is creating a blockade in my nostrils. It’s guarding against the air passing through the nasal cavities. I feel it’s harder to breathe as it hardens beneath my nose. My cold is getting better now, thanks to Neozep that I pop every morning and evening to remove this illness from me. This sickness got to end by Friday for I have something to attend this Saturday. It’s not runny anymore like it’s first day, when I sneeze profusely almost causing my brain to explode to pieces.

As the cold dissipates another thing I’m facing now is this mouth sore; more of a tongue sore. I must have bit this while I was sneezing consecutively last Monday night. It’s sore and swelling a bit. As I chew the slices of porkchop and rice inside my mouth during my lunchbreak, I feel the pain of my tongue as the meat is grinded. More pain is felt as I swallow the meal, even with water, it’s really hard.

I’m battling with this cold as always, and now I have to fight another enemy. Grab me those fluids and vitamin c tablet, I need my immune soldiers for this war.


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