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Summer has arrived and we can already feel the sun burning through our epidermis. That is, if we’re outside running in the nude exploiting our genitalias to the curious public. Of course who would do that? Not me, I still have my sanity intact… or is it?

The entrance of this summer has been terrible, I fell down to misery. I’ve been in a series of dilemmas lately. It’s not over yet, currently I have my swords and ammos ready because the battle is not yet over. Actually, the battle is just starting. I haven’t reached the climax as of now.

I may not have a grip with my sanity if I’ll continue to whine about these problems I’m facing. Not all chocolates taste great. You’ll know if I lost control over my head, if my left wrist bleeds profusely from a cut, or if you’ll see me in the TV while you’re sitting comfortably in front of it see a miserable guy atop of a billboard attempting to jump. That’s when I lose touch of the so-called reality.

I guess I’m still sane for now. I’m just above of the norms… or maybe behind it. But who cares, sane or insane, that’s make me.


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