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From now on, I will be on my own. I will not rely on my friends or peers. I am invaluable to them. I am often disregarded and just a friend that is often in the stash. Anyway, I’m just a wallflower. Even if I’m gone or away from them, I am sure I will not be a great loss for them.

It’s just sad becoming a wallflower and just be manipulated and used when they needed me. I am not that stupid, it’s just stupid to have a friend you trusted treat you like this. Why should hypocrites be created? They are just bunch of trash in this world. Useless craps living in the surface of the earth.

If these people only knew how sad it is doing and working things alone. When support is needed and no one is there for me, I feel powerless, lifeless. It’s silly to depend on others, but it’s only when I needed them the most. They can depend on me and rest assured that my hands are willing to help them. When I need them, and one small favor is asked thay can’t even make it. How sad it is living like me.

I don’t need friends who will just manipulate me. I don’t need people who can’t do small easy favors for me. If all friends and people are like these, forget it, I rather live alone than sparing my life in hell with them.

From now on, I am alone. I don’t care if it’s lonely, I can be happy and celebrate in my own ways.

Life is sad living alone but that doesn’t hinders me from being happy.


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  1. alan, it’s a matter of perspective. tara tingloi na. Yup you can only expect too much from people other than your self, but to totally give up and feel alienated.. it’s uncalled for and unnecessary.

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