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I want to be rich! Well who doesn’t. Everyone aspires to have a taste of those treasures. Everybody want to have a lick of having their own business and the luxury of life. It’s inevitable to be materialistic sometimes.

Most of us Filipinos, who suffer from poverty, want to get rich. We strive to bet daily on the lottery or sweepstakes. We even put a stake on small gamblings like jueteng, OTB’s and others. Gambling is unreliable to get rich and to put you off the ground. Though, it will give one a chance winning an ‘easy’ money, it is not easy at all. The probability of winning in lottery for 6/49 is one in 14 million. Imagine that, even with a 100 peso bet (bet is 10 pesos each) will not do any good; small chance of winning.

If one want to get rich, betting or gambling is not the solution. Not even by joining game shows or contests in variety shows. These TV shows may say they are offering a big help for our poor nation, but they are just giving false hopes and sending the message to be lazy to the masses. They still select the qualifiers for their contests, just like how the numbers in lotto are picked by their machine. Little chances.

I do hope that someday that these people will wake up from their foolishness. Get their butt off the seats and start working for that hard-earned cash. Not all may not become rich, but at least they are doing something for themselves and not just slacking in front of the television waiting for their name to be drawn out of that tambiolo. Worse, they are expecting to become rich without joining, sending or betting those gambles shown in the idiot box.

Wake up people! It’s not the government’s fault if we are poor. They may be corrupt, but what is it to you if you are just sitting, whining and protesting around. If you want to have a better life move out of your home and start to work hard and forget the politicians bickering. Not even Kris Aquino, Willie Revillame, or Vic Sotto, or even the PCSO will make you rich. Those people will not help you in the progress of your life. It’s really up to you.

No one will move up if laziness attacks any of your feet.


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