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Peanut butter. That’s my favorite sandwich spread. The nuttiness and sweetness of the spread satisfied my late afternoon merienda. The spread was so smooth and even dripping down my hands as I gently swallow the sandwich. It was yummy. I could even put as much as many peanut butter in my sandwich and be amazed how it flows outside as I pressed it between the slices of the bread. Encased in a large jar I can say that eating peanut butter sandwich can be done daily. But that’s boring; nauseating. Feasting on the same meal is not fun at all.

I have been working in this company for more than a year now. And I must say, I am enjoying my stay here. My co-workers have been good to me and they are fun to work with. I love each second of my stay here, the stress, the workloads, everything. Even with the small salary I get every payday doesn’t mind me because I am in love with the company. But as time goes, each of my co-workers were leaving the company – don’t get it wrong, they love the company – because they have better opportunities outside our small office. Things were even okay even after they left the office. Just lately, something has gone wrong. We are receiving less projects, and worse, there are days or even weeks that we are just hanging around in the office just to surf the net. We are doing nothing.

For some, slacking in the office is great, but doing nothing every single day is not fun at all. Staying at home is better. The office becomes boring as each day progress.

I’m tired of waiting. I’m tired of doing nothing.

I refused to take the jobs offered by my friends. I was having fun with my job. They were offering better paying jobs, but I declined it. I thought things were still going fine in the company, but I was wrong. Another reason why I was declining their offer because I don’t want to be redundant. I want to work in a higher position. Ambitious, I know, but it’s time to move a step further. Working in a different company with a higher wage but in the same position beats me. I don’t like that idea. Risky I must say, but life is memorable with that.

I don’t want to eat the same peanut butter sandwich each day. I love it. But I don’t want to get used to its taste. I need surprises. There’s no surprise with peanut butter if I will be eating it over and over again.

Peanut butter oozed out the sandwich. It fell down the wooden surface of the table. I stared at it. Peanut butter looked like poop.


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