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So what’s happening again with me? Well, I don’t know too. I had a lot of expenses the past few days and even weeks. And my account was running low with cash, luckily I deposited this afternoon from my yesterday’s salary. It was not much, just an ample amount. And guess what, we will have a night swimming this coming Saturday in Calamba, Laguna. That’s simply mean more expenses to come. I want to save some because I’m aiming to have my driving lessons this summer.

What can I expect with the swimming? It will be great I guess, except for the cold feet as we rise above the water. I do hope they have chosen a hot spring (or rather a pool with a heater) because I don’t want to have a cold (though my mucous is running all year round) the day after. I need to prepare myself from the overflowing booze on that night. I do hope that I will wake up after the alcohol consume my body.

And now, I need to go to sleep. I love the weather, it’s too cool!!! I always end up waking up late today. I am so in love with sleeping these days.

Till next time my dear blog.


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