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Christmas is almost near. Do I see any signs of it coming? No. Do I smell the Christmas scent? No. Do I hear Christmas Carols? Yes, and they are in front of our gates banging their handmade snaredrums and tambourine made up of beer caps. And yes, they are not singing, they are one heck of kids rambling with their high voices singing “Kay sigla ng gabi…” in a boring tone, ironic. Shall I give them a coin? Of course not, I will just wave my hand, or put my hands on my waist and shout “Tawad!”

Christmas is near, but no one else seems to notice it. El Niño is meddling with the country’s weather and making this season to be more like summer. MERALCO affects Christmas as they continue to impose higher charges with our consume of electricity. That’s why houses are now less covered by their camouflage of chasing lights, well, except for those people who can spend a year’s meal of the less privileged. Catastrophes by the sisters Reming and Seniang made our kababayans a-should-be-happy-christmas worse. Luckily, Con-Ass has been trashed or else things will be worse this season.

What remind us of Christmas are those 13th month pays and the bonuses that we are all waiting for. Some are unlucky because they have received their 13th month pays earlier this year while other companies have less sales that makes bonuses to be unclear and impossible. The budget we make as we divide our salaries for the gifts to our inaanaks, the food to serve during the Noche Buena, and the monthly bills. The booze that overflows in every Christmas party signalled us of the occasion. That is what Christmas is made of now.

I don’t say that Christmas Spirit is completely lost. It is still there. Each Christmas celebration is memorable, it depends to us on how we will celebrate it. How will we make our Christmas memorable in the middle of the crises we are having? Will it be a Merry Christmas?

Let us wait for that day.


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