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I have my phone now, Moto SLVR L7. I was craving for it many months ago, and I couldn’t believe I have it now. I know that my phone is not as flashy or as expensive as others but the hardship just to attain that phone is really worth it. I am really proud of myself. the feeling of getting one’s goal is really fulfilling. My emotions as I am using this phone is really exciting. It is often for me to have something what I really wanted, I always end up to the next best thing, which is not really satisfying. Now I had a taste of it, I need to rethink my new goals. It will really be helpful. I have achieved some of my goals this year, gaining weight, saved some but not a lot, and now a phone. I didn’t have the chance to grab a girlfriend this year, but what the heck, i still achieved a few. And my blogs are really doing well by giving some cheers to others.

The year has not yet ended, we don’t know what is yet to come. Good luck to me and to all of us!


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