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What’s my purpose in life? I guess everyone is asking the same question. We all ask for our purpose and everybody is in the pursuit of their happiness. Will I be happy if I will become rich in the future? Will I create something memorable in this planet? I have one life to risk, yet nothing happened great as of this moment. I maybe working, but will my life will always be like this? What adventures await me? I want to live a life full of adventure, where I will forget all the troubles here in the city, the poisons from our daily meals, the corruption of our politicians, and the expenditures of those elites. I crave for a place of peace and happiness, where money is not a necessity, where boredom does not exist. Is heaven the only place where absolute joy exists?

I want to spend my lifetime full of events, not just being laid back and wait till my body decomposes on my seat. I like to explore the world and the things I have never done before. If God only let me born in with a silver spoon, but I was not. But money is only a cause for procastination, and I will not allow that to happen. I will not just sit here and wait for my death bed to appear in front of me. I will spend this life with silly adventures and laugh all the rest of my life. I know I can do it, I just need a way to start it.


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