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I didn’t have a good sleep a couple of nights now. It takes a lot of stumbles and spinning before I get my REM. I maybe worrying and thinking a lot these days. I am not stressed, my workload is just right. It’s just those thoughts and words keep on rambling around my head. I wanted to take a full rest to regenerate all those energies spent the whole week and start with a rejuvenated force. I got to cleanup some of my worries here, if there is really something to worry.

I will be a week off from gym next week. It’s just the full week to recover all the muscles. The online magazine told me that after every 12 weeks there should be a week or more for resting to avoid injuries and for the full recovery of muscles. And I’m taking that chance. I could go out more often on that week, but I still need to watch my diet, because people are telling me that my tummy is bulging, and I don’t want that.


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