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Yesterday. Saturday, September 23, 2006. Afternoon. As I was going my way home, I rode a jeep from MoA going to our home. There was this guy who sitted right beside me, when two other passengers came, he didn’t move the other way though there was still a lot of space there. So he just stick beside me. While the jeep was moving someone halted the jeep near Blue Wave, and the passengers went down and the guy sitting beside me. When the jeep went moving again, I checked my pocket and my wallet was gone. I realized then, that the guy beside me was a pickpocket. It was just moments right after the jeep moved, so I look at the pickpocket as he strolled down the streets of Diosdado Macapagal Highway. I didn’t reacted in the jeep and maintained my posture, thinking ‘it was just money’.

Money was just lost and not my life has been threatened. I felt angry and frustrated that moment. I wanted to obliterate and destroy all the masses and the criminals. If I could just erase them in the world’s history, I’d be glad to do those things. But then, crime won’t be erased, it’s there. I realized, money can be replaced and life is just one. So I don’t go desperate with what happened. As they say, "Shit happens" and it’s true. I didn’t lost my posture, but I do hope that the pickpocket will die and may his family and descendants suffer the consequences he made.


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