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My thinktank has been working overnight again. I didn’t catch my sleep last night. A lot of visuals are roaming inside my grey matter. Words were written on my brain walls and they were spoken aloud. Thousand of images I see everytime I close my eyes. I’m telling myself to stop and go to sleep, but I really couldn’t. So I rose and got to the living room to relax, yet nothing happened. Maybe it was the Iced White Choco Mocha I drank last night from Seattle’s Best. I’ve stopped drinking coffee and any caffeinated drinks for a long time now. I’m not even drinking colas because I’m starting to become conscious about my health. Fortunately, I rose this morning with a good mood. I usually have mood swings when I don’t have a good night rest. Well, that’s all for now. I maybe sleeping earlier tonight this time because I am feeling dizzy now. I hope the day will turn out great!


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