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Ok, my addiction for multiple accounts has been transferred to blogs. I have previously posted in my blogs here that I have 15 email accounts, but actually now, I think it has decreased because some of the providers are bugged down. But then, I’m not interested in making more accounts, it’s typically senseless and I should have thought of that earlier. Anyway I have 3 existing blogs now. One here in Friendster, this one, and two more in Blogspot/Blogger. Here are their purpose:

In the Brink of the Mental Warzone this one, I’ll use this as my formal personal blogs. I will post here all what’s going on in me, the one known by most of my friends. Mostly english to hone my skills in writing in the said language.

Wanthought! The blog with my daily updates of my thoughts, plans and ideas. The statements are in the native tongue and made of concise sentences, mostly phrases that resembles all the thoughts inside me. Boggled? Just read it.

Billycoy’s Blasted Brain Blogs These are the frantic ideas roaming in my grey matter. Wonder who Billycoy is? Then read this blog to find out.

Thank you my dear friends for taking time reading my senseless blogs. I do hope you read those blogs and you may leave your comments there.


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