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Oh my! I was so aroused with what I tasted this afternoon. I had never tasted something like that before. I can’t help it, I need to have it. It’s only now. I won’t let this moment be taken away from me. This occur seldom, it’s an opportunity to grab. I’m so excited to have it. This is my first. I’m getting wild over it. I am so fulfilled and gratified knowing the taste it gave me. I cant explain the ecstasy I’m feeling. The climax of all the sensations is within it. My goodness! I really can’t help it, I need to finish this… this Blueberry Cheesecake from Red Ribbon. I’ve never tasted any cheesecakes in my life, it was only now, my first. Pity me for experiencing such a wonderful thing just now. At least now I know and I will have it again the next time.

Now, what do you think of it?



  1. uh, this so got to stop alan. you need a good fuck.

    Un lang on that matter my friend, cant help u.

    yah, get some cake n nga lng for now

  2. whahaha.. talga? sobrang favorite ko un.. ako binilan ako ni athan, for the first tym din isang buo nun at nilamutak namin sa moviehouse..first tym din ako naumay sa blue berry cheesecake.whaha.nxt tym try mo din isang buo at kainin un..

  3. Nag-blueberry cheesecake nga ako ulit this day. Available kasi sa red ribbon ulit na slice for the day nila. Hahaha, sarap talaga!

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