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Another week has passed. Weekend again, but not a long weekend this time. Damn GMA, she didn’t announced Monday to be a Holiday. Sad! This week was a good week, but my body doesn’t like it. The other day I had a migraine, it was light, but I felt nauseous. Athena was coming out of my forehead. Or maybe, I was impregnated; I was conceiving… Duh! That was like Arnold Schwarzzeneger in Junior, ugly! And who the hell could impregnate a man, hahaha. Luckily, the headache decreased by evening and I made it to my workout. I even had a goodnight sleep and even there was neighbor’s fight that night, I simply ignored it and got back to sleep.

Now, what bothers me is the pain I have in my abdominals. No, I’m not having diarrhea or being constipated. I had sit-ups the last workout, and the soreness stayed the day after until today (it’s 2 days now). The pain was excruciating. I could not stand up straight and walk well. My migraine transferred to my abdominals; Athena is there, I’m now preggy. I could not strut my fashionista-ala-ramp-model walk. My posture is bad, very bad. But my confidence is still there, even it’s painful, I still managed to walk the hallway in a straight body. I just hope this will be fine tomorrow so I can go back to my workout. I don’t like skipping.

*Athena was born from Zeus forehead


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