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The raining was pouring heavily this morning, I thought "Sana walang pasok."  But we are not going to school anymore so we can’t expect suspension now, at work, only holidays and emergency cases (and of course weekends) will be the only basis for non-working days, darn! I woke up a little late this morning because I was having migraine earlier, I need to sleep a little more to subside that feeling. I am not having good sleeps the past few nights. It’s taking me a lot of minutes before I reach my REM state. I’m pretty annoyed with it, because it takes me a lot of turning at bed to get the most comfortable position and makes my morning heavy wanting me to sleep more. A lot of thoughts keep me bothering at night, a lot of visuals I see whenever I close my eyes. I want to stop thinking for me to have those sweet dreams, but it’s hard. What keeps me bothering? I don’t really know, maybe a lot of junk ideas are still here in my brain, I wonder if I could erase some of it. But the brain is a myterious thing, it has it’s own world inside. What’s impossible outside it, is possible in it. We can fly or live in Neverland. How wonderful our brain is, but sometimes we want to remove some what’s in it. The brains capacity is more than the computer’s disk drive, and that’s amazing because there’s no need to erase, memories are not really lost, it’s just kept in an archive. The brain does a lot of archiving facts, details, and memories, that’s why we can’t remember some of the moments in our lives. It’s like a pile of files that you need to search inside your head. Now I think my mind is overloaded of things, some not really needed and more of a junk. But then, it’s not really overloaded, it only seems like because a lot of ideas just keep on surfacing my conscious mind leading me to restlessness. I need to relax, or maybe meditate, but no, I need to sleep especially when the days are rainy, like this time.


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