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"Everybody’s in love with Superman." For every woman, that’s true, and now every man aspires to become Superman, strong, charming and… super. A new version of every girl’s man in shining armor. He could turn back time by rotating the world backwards and lift an island to be thrown in outer space. He could lift thousands if not million times his weight with only a body that won’t even win Mr. Olympia, or muscles not even close to Arnold Schwazzeneger. He could do almost everything; almost godly. If only he is true, maybe all men will want to be like him. But luckily, he isn’t. That would be unfair. He is a modern mythological character, one brought out from a creative thought. A masterpiece of what humans wanted in their deepmost desires. But even his just part of our imagination, men wanted to be like him if not hate him, and women to be with him.

I am not a superhero, not even close of being Superman. But somehow, I wanted to be like him, powerful, invulnerable and strong. But it’s impossible to be like that, to be an almost god. I don’t idolize him either, just impressed on how he was created by an artist like me. An imagination that is Super. If only there’s no kryptonite, then there would be no weakness for him.

But then, I realized, that men are more stronger and powerful than him. He is one of our collective thought of a powerful being. He is just a pigment of our imagination. We just created a Superman, a being that is plainly superlative… Now, I wanted to be like the one who created this guy, not Superman anymore.


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  1. I agree!!! Anyway, i’m a demigod, trying to experience mortal life and explore its wonder here on the face of the earth. hahaha…

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