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Hah! Summer is here and the sun is scorching. Even the weather has gone humid and mad these days. It’s nice to have a skinny dipping in the beach and have a romantic night with a loved one… unfortunately, i still have none. I got a new haircut, shorter to match the summer weather. Got tired of the long hair, i have a fresher look this time and returned to that juvenile look. I really love it, having your mom as your professional hairstylist is really great. I wish this look i have now will make me a girl magnet, Nyaha! But as usual, i have no adventurous story to tell, only that i’ve ripped two of my shorts. The first short i’ve ripped was a mystery, the next one was torn while I hopped to ride my cousin’s scooter. And that was terribly nasty, as i heard my shorts ripped, luckily I was wearing boxer briefs that time and i have not shown my behind and I was just near home. It ain’t that adventurous but surely funny. Lesson: I won’t buy polyester shorts again. I had a dream the other night, and it’s nice; I saw myself as a model posted in the billboard of Jollibee in alabang. Hahaha, a very delusional ambition.

Are there other interesting stories to tell? None anymore. I guess I am just happy with my life now that’s why there’s nothing I can tell. Having less experience in this life’s adventure makes my story simple. There’s no complications. But I don’t say I am satisfied with what I am and what I have now, I am actually expecting more to happen because I am still in the early stage of my life. I haven’t achieved much of my goals yet and have not reached the highest dream that I have always wanted. Whatever fate God has given me, whether good or bad, I am very thankful that He gave me those experience because it will create a better me.


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