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Woah!!! It’s been a month since I posted a blog here. My modem got broken and it took a month for me to replace it. So what happened the past month…

New Work, New Life…

Last October 27, I started to work in Trans-Act, I replaced my friend, Anthony (thanks ha) coz he got a new job in a bigger company. I did adjust for a few days, take note a few days. I familiarized easily coz Anthony told me a lot of things about this work. I relate easily with my co-workers and found no shame on myself as a newbie. My co-workers are really friendly and my first days were not really hard. My work here is lighter and stress is not visible in a light-atmosphered company. Though salary may not be considered big, but it’s truly enjoyable. And another thing, i’m 15 minutes away from the workplace and the fare is reasonably low.

No More Friday Night Gimmicks

Our Friday Night gimmicks are not there anymore, maybe for some, like Marco and the rest, I guess they are still visible in Saguijo. Anthony is usually busy in his new work, while Ethel lives in a far away kingdom. And I, usually early at home, even on Fridays, doing my usual routine TV watching and surfing or playing PC game at late nights, ain’t that boring. Maybe if I have a girlfriend, I can enjoy my lifeless nights (or days if you want me to be wholesome). But no, I want to enjoy my salary SOLELY, except of course, some to share with parents.

Nyaks It’s Christmas

Huwaaat!!! Christmas is approaching fast and I need to buy gifts, for our company’s exchange gift, inaanaks, and my parents. Oh my too much expenses for December, and I’m hoping to buy a new cellphone as a gift for my year’s hardship. Lot of Christmas parties to attend and even small inumans to go.

Plugs and greetings

I wanna greet my Ate Dior who celebrated her birthday last December 8, sorry if I was not there last December 8 for the post-Birthday celebration. I also wanna greet my brother, Kuya Nio who will celebrate his 26th birthday on December 15. And watch Etheria, coz i’m there, actually my look-a-like Justin Cuyugan.



  1. what saguijo? what friday night gimmicks? rubbish

    well, am glad for you you’re enjoying at trans- act, er, been applying?

    good day

  2. hus kuya nio?i tot ur the only child?..hav u bin lying to me l dis tym?…

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