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Maybe you’ll wonder why I wrote two blogs in a day, well because this is somehow an emergency.

In fifteen days, the company I am in will be closing down. Though it’s not bankrupt, my boss decided to close it because there were less account coming in. I was actually expecting this and all prepared for this but it’s really sad especially if you will be in that situation already. I will admit that I made previous rants against my company, which should be the reason why I must be celebrating. But it was totally different. I already love my job and company but not the system per se. I loved the people and the things that I do. It just saddened me because I will be almost a year there and now, I’ll be leaving the company I almost loved. I loved the company before I began there, the moment of applying and interviews. This event saddens but at the same time I can be happy for it, because there will be more opportunities out there waiting for me. I am now optimistic to land to a better job after this. A job that can be my career and will give me a brighter future.

A parable

I can relate this experience from the saying that: When one door closes another door will be opened by God for you. But let’s take this to another view, in my own parable. Here goes the story:

A man is living in box-type house with only one door  and windows that only a cat could fit in. Meaning, no man can fit through those windows. This man lived in the house by himself because he didn’t want anybody to disturb what he does and he didn’t want his door open. Often, this man would complain of his small house. He would condemn this house. Then one day, he woke up seeing his door open, so he closed it again. The next day, the same event happened, so he closed the door once again. Until the next following days, the same situation occurred regularly, and he did the same thing regularly. Until one day, this guy was pissed-off by this habitual event, so he locked the door, making himself locked inside his own house. So the next day, he would only hear the door jamming instead of seeing it opened. A few days later, he was awakened by a large noise, he saw his locked door broken. Then a man, picked him up and dragged him outside of his house. He just closed his eyes out of fear. Then, when he felt that he was not dragged anymore, he felt the floor smooth and cold, it was marble. When he opened his eyes, he saw himself inside of a huge elegant mansion. He saw the man who dragged him looking at him. Then the man said "isn’t this the house you are looking for? I heard you complaining of your small home. I was always opening your door to invite you to your new home but you always close it. And when you decided to lock it, I broke in and dragged you here."

God works in marvelous ways. If there are no other doors in our house, He would break in just to give us what we need.


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