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Damn these few weeks. I have less projects coming, good, but also bad, coz I’ve been doing jobs not really for my description. And I am totally bored now, I didn’t expect any gimmicks these past few weeks because I am entertained by my PC and the book that I bought, The Count of Monte Cristo, that is. Now I have finished it, and got bored with the PC game I’m playing (GTA: Vice City), I’m looking for more socialization again. I missed watching Rockestra at Folk Arts Theater last August 19, coz I wasn’t expecting if somebody will accompany or interested coming with me to watch it, or in other words, a date or a companion. Then now, I’m back again, but there’s no good movie to watch this days, nothing of a big deal, there are nice movies but not a big shot like LOTR or Harry Potter. The last one I watched was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

What am I looking for? A gimmick or a hangout. A gimmick that can be a big blast and unforgettable. A concert or something like that will do. I’m not a big fan of barhopping of Friday Nights coz it’s too tiring for me especially if the place will be at Makati or Manila, I’m dead stressed at that moment due to transportation. I work in Alabang and gimmicks in Makati is already stressful even if our aim is too relax and unwind. Though, I am open to nightlife. How I wish that I am working in Makati now so that nightlife will be easy for me.

Another thing, I still don’t have a girl to date with or a special someone that can give me inspiration. Hey, it’s too hard for our profession to work without an inspiration or someone that can motivate us. Wala ba kayong maibubugaw dyan sa akin? (Do you have someone to recommend to me?). I am already experiencing those lonely nights, a call from a loved one will satisfy me during those nights.

For now, work and career will satisfy my boredom. Shopping will also do, but that’s expensive for my current situation.


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