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I have not written any blogs these days. Maybe there were less events or fun things occured happened. I have a lot of thoughts, but these thoughts are not exciting enough to be expressed here in my blog. I have thoughts about politics, but then I don’t want to express it here for almost were negatives. I always wanted to put up a positive blog, though nonsense, it can create smiles from the people reading it. No exciting thoughts now, just plain writing of words put up all together. I emptied my brain, and lot of thoughts are coming this time again, I wanted to write them all, but they are too many to be expressed in a concise blog.

The only good news I got here is that, I already found the house music I’m looking for, after hearing that song from my boss last February. I found it last week through DWRT 95.5. Alas, I found the title after all these months! The song was "Ever After" by Bonnie Bailey, so I immediately downloaded it at home.

Then… Nothing again.


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