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Whaw!!! A week has passed without writing a blog. (Sigh) Nothing to write really. But I have a very weird dream last night, it was all about shitting and toilet bowl. This is how it goes:

I was in a school and I was looking for a CR. Then, there I went to the CR and gone directly to a cubicle. The weird thing was, there were two toilet bowls in that cubicle. A smaller to a regular one furnished in white coat, and a somehow bigger bowl with a marble coating or finishing. I sat down the bigger one and move my excesses away. Then of course I have to flush the toilet bowl. As the water is growling down the bowl. The school went shaking and water from the bowl was overflowing, realizing that the bowl was broken. As the water flowed down the floor, i found myself at the campus grounds, everyone was panicking because the toilet water was flooding the school. Then, there the story goes, I woke up after that (of course).

I had also this dream a long time ago. There was a farm (or somehow like it) with all those horse sh*ts were around. Everytime I step one of them, water squirted out of the ends of those sh*ts. They squirted like water from garden sprinklers.

I know that my dreams were so weird and somehow disgusting. Whatever those dreams or those sh*ts mean, I don’t know. I guess it’s time for me to get a boost shot of reality.


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  1. maybe you should have sat on the smaller seat, since you were supposed to be a kid. geez, was that sotme sort of premonition? hope not.. great toilet flood! where’s the ark??

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