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I’m broke, but not entirely broke. i’m worrying about my budget  coz’ I don’t know if it will fit ’till next week. So I have to save my money and cut my expenses for my meals, but I can’t cut my allowance for my transportation which is about Php 86.00 per day. No more afternoon breaks… No, can’t do that, except if I have this stomachaches. Crinkles and Coffee, for coffee breaks is already a luxury for me, it has great combination, like doughnuts and coffee, but this time only cheaper.

I woke up at 7:10AM, there’s no more time to prepare or cook for breakfast, so just drank a cup of coffee and hurried to the shower or else I will be late. My routine finished at 8:15AM and rode the way to the office, there’s no way I could be late to the office after the memorandum was posted yesterday regarding the office attendance and about our starting habitual tardiness. Damn that new rule that our salary will be deducted for our tardiness yet offsetting and overtime is not implemented or accepted. As the jeepney travels to the expressway on the way to Alabang, the traffic suddenly got heavy after the Bicutan Exit. The traffic reched up to Sucat, so I stayed in the road for about 20 minutes. During those 20 minutes, there’s a mother and child sitting in front of me, the baby was almost two years old, I guess, and had a bruise on her face, which was actually a skin defect. I just thought "Poor kid." The kid was so playful (makulit) so everytime the mother would scold her, the child cries. The cries was really annoying and disrupted my morning.

At dusk, before I went home I headed to Alabang Town Center to look for a sticker that I can put on my keyboard at home. My keyboard’s letters start to fade especially the left part (A,S,D,W) of it because I use those keys for my games like Grand Theft Auto and Need for Speed Undergrond 2. I didn’t find any, so then, I preceded to Metropolis immediately because I still had these hygiene items to buy there. Afterwards, I rode the jeepney. There’s a man who sitted beside me, he got his cellphone, 3200, and played BOUNCE, a Nokia cellphone game. I was watching him play the game but I was laughing inside me because he was jerking to the way of the ball, just like what we usually do when playing arcade games. Nothing really funny there coz’ I do that also when I’m playing Need for Speed on my PC, but the funny thing there, it’s just a cellphone game and I can feel his jerking since he sitted just beside me. Maybe his adrenaline rushed as he played Bounce. The jeep went down the skyway and another heavy traffic appeared in front of us. There was a fire on the way to Magallanes so the jeepney backed up again to the skyway so we could avoid the traffic. The guy beside me got bored with his game so he played all his tones from his cellphones folder. He conquered his boredom with his small almighty cellphone.

Lesson here…

1.    Traffic is never excuse for becoming late, but one thing is, traffic is really annoying.
2.   Playing cellphone games is fun, but moving with the game is funny especially for those who sees        you.


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