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Njlb  There’s a project at work, but I still find time to surf the net whenever I go blank and most especially if the boss is out. While chatting with Anthony, Madz, and Ethel, I also look for websites that appeals my interest and when I experience burnout to entertain and get some inspirations. Surfing the net is what I do for the past six years in my life so I’ve seen so many websites that I get bored nowadays because I’ve seen most of them. But there are times that I found new things here in the internet. I found these websites that promotes short alternative films. I found Ninjai, a series of a little ninja boy. It is a flash animation; the illustration for this animation is not aesthetically great, as for other elements like the backgrounds, BGM, color flats and most particularly the storyline are stunning. This is a great alternative for the pop cartoons and emerging culture of Japanese anime. If you’re tired o f those obnoxious animals, fairytale creatures, and big-eyed superheroes, you may try to watch Ninjai at I admired Ninjai because its concept is purely original and its creators’ main purpose is not to make this animation as an entertainment but as an artistic expression or simply to say, nothing. This series is artistically and creatively expressive not mentioning its arising popularity. Another popular alternative is Happy Tree Friends, a radical cartoon of cute cuddly bloody creatures. If you think Spongebob is dumb and foolish, this one is morbid and gore. Happy Tree Friends was introduced to me by Marco, through the CD I borrowed from him. I found this cartoon really funny because it appeals people at my age. I shared all these cartoons to my officemates and they were really entertained. When I play these animations all eyes and all ears are to these animations.

798These cartoons I told you show gore and violence, for me these are only for pure fun and entertainment. I get tired of the popular culture now; though I still appreciate it I still look for something new and different. I’m tired of watching movies featuring gorgeous protagonists, and listening to music what we call alternatives that become popular eradicating the true essence of being an “alternative.” Per se, Rivermaya has gone mainstream to the pop culture and lost itself from becoming an alternative music. TV shows and dramas that shares the same storylines even if they say that their stories are unique. Alternatives should retain their uniqueness from others, once it becomes popular and famous its essence is entirely lost. Artistic expression is always unique to the eye. If you’re looking for alternatives, make sure to change and be open to something new, constant shifting from what you like does it great. Choosing for an alternative is the best way to broaden what we know.

“If everybody is super, no one will be.”


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