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It’s been two days and I still have a hangover from the movie we watched last Friday; Fantastic Four. I guess I have one of those FFF, Fantastic Four Fever. Well, the movie was really great, though have flaws, I think it was still fun to watch. Watching superhero movies is really fascinating because before you are only seeing them through those comics and cartoons, but now they are on the big screen, you feel they are alive especially with what visuals can do nowadays.

The Politics, the Elites… and the Plastics

Last Friday, there was a rally in Makati that made me worry because we had a gimmick on that night. Luckily that night, it seemed nothing happened in Makati, the roads were clear and Friday Night was really normal. The politics in the Philippines is struggling to survive, after those Garci tapes and the President’s admitting that it was her voice in the tapes. And now she asked her cabinet members to resign, and they did, then afterwards she said that she was betrayed. I don’t really give a damn with our country’s politics, but as part of the country, I am greatly affected. The side effects of this endless bickering in the politics are now felt greatly by the nations. Why don’t they just shut up and give a damn for the good of the people.

After watching Fantastic Four that night, we went to Greenbelt to have a chit-chat and girl-gazing. As we go to Mcdonald’s Greenbelt, we passed by the bars where most elites, expats and social climbers hangouts. I didn’t like the ambiance there, and felt a little tensed. I terribly hate elites, the way they look down on other people, the way they underestimate people that don’t belong to their echelon. I always wanted to be rich and have all the luxuries in life, but I never wanted those material things to get over my head and act like I never experienced the hardships in life; I don’t want to be an elite. Generally, plastics came from what we called elites in our society, making me recall my high school experience. I had a bad experience from these plastics, though they were not elites,  very especially during high school. I had been in this class where plastics were everywhere. Forgive me if I offend some of you reading this (and I guess you know who you are), but admit it, you used to be one of those plastics. I knew how these people act behind other people and their friends. If they say this was before and that was a childish behavior, yes it was, but as long they possess this, they will remain a plastic.

To conclude this…
Politicians and The Elites are the same, they are people who are able to become hypocrites, generally if not all. They can betray our trust and their loyalty can not be relied on. We must be aware that these people are present in today’s society, agree or disagree, we are encountering them and they can be one of us.


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