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Bright Lights, I terribly hate it, it pierces my eyes. I don’t like high noons, that’s why I have to bring a pair of shades for those days. But last Friday, I lost my favorite everyday sunglasses so I have to take this whole week without those pair of shades. I can buy a new pair, but I have to save some money because of the fare hikes since my salary has not been raised yet. So the Monday I went to work, the sun was too high and the light pierces my eyes, it’s not that I am not used or afraid of lights, but I just hate bright lights. I don’t know why I hate it. But then I looked up, and saw the blue skies and those amazing clouds, I am always amazed how the sky look likes. "It’s a painting of God"  I always say to myself. Man can’t do those kind of artwork that will change every minute of the day…

The point here…
Ok now let’s get to the point and let’s stop from the figurative view. What I’m trying to say is, every man is always seeking for the bright side of life. Since we always experience and remember the dark side of it, we tend to become pessimistic. We always see the different problems and turmoils of the society and environment we are in. We never see the blue sky behind every storm clouds we see up there. Have we find that having a terrible boss is a once in a lifetime event. Or have we find that the accidental heavy traffic we experience today doesn’t happen everyday. We always find those times as a bad experience, and we never took it constructively. Have we ever thought that our misfortunes are actually the adventures of our lives? This adventures (or misfortunes) are like mountain hiking, rock climbing, bunjee jumping of our lives, occurs seldom but memorable. This is the bright light that pierces our eyes that we our looking for during our darkest times.


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  1. Point taken. ‘Sides, when people die and ignore the light, they get stucked here. nLabo

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