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Goodbyes and separation is the hardest thing to do or be felt by one. Even it’s for the betterment or plain goodbye is a painful and saddest moment to be encountered.

I have two colleagues who have left the company, one has become close to me. We’ve been colleagues for the past nine months, and with those timespan we became friends. How it happened? We are just sitting side by side. Normally, in every company colleagues remain colleagues till the last day, but in our office, since it’s just small and starting, it’s nearly impossible for us not to get along and know each other. The moment she resigned I felt sad but at the same time happy for her, because I know that a brighter career is waiting for her outside of our all-boxed office. But now, I feel so deeply sad, because now I’m here in the office working alone. Though, there are other people here, it’s like, it was never the same without her. I miss the way we worked together. Even when she gets moody in the morning, our constant bickering about the works, the clumsiness we both have, it has always been better that way than to have nothing at all. Yes, I can work alone, but with no companion or a comrade to be with just saddens me. This was the same how I felt when my friends graduated in college earlier than I do, then the next semester I have to study alone again. I can move alone, I can do things alone, but I never wanted to be alone. Going solo, makes me all boxed up. It makes me feel powerless without any friends to be with. As what the saying says, "No one is an island."

I am happy for her because she made a better choice in life. Though sad, my optimism will always be there. I just need adjustment and time to cope up with this loneliness. But for sure, I will miss my friend and colleague. Once again, I thank her for the memories we worked together.


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  1. If you think about it real hard.. isipin mo na lnag … meron pa!

    Pero really, no matter how odd this towcents worth is coming from me…
    we are never alone. People are never really alone, they’re just physically apart and with blogs, texts, email,the world just been smaller.

    Malay mo, the reason your in there ‘alone’ is so you can ‘warn’ the rest that movie aint that good enough, hehe labo.

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