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No, it’s not that wonderful really. The weather is not that bright, it’s actually cloudy and dim. Nothing new is happening here in the office except for the fact that two of my colleagues will be leaving our company today. After spending a lot on my meal (not again!?) today, I found myself alone in the office again. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be alone in our office with my boss. That’s sad, I know. Though my colleagues are on the other office, I can’t always go there coz I still need to work and their boss will also be there for most of the time. Office is not a place for hangouts.

But today, actually yesterday, I found an inspiration for arts once again. I found these photographer listed in a brochure that my boss brought from Australia, and the works were great. Erwin Olaf, a photographer from Netherlands, did a lot of great jobs in his portfolio. His concepts were extremely great, I was delighted. His concepts are bizarre and noir. Especially  the shots of Royal Blood from his portfolio in were really great. Erwin Olaf has a lot concepts and stories from the series of his photographs. If he will be having an exhibit here, for sure, I’ll be there to see it.

To all art lovers out there, be sure to check his website.


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  1. hey… sad to say, people come and go…
    may be this is the right time for us to explore. ur time will come… u’ll see.

    btw, i had fun times here especially the sales kit ngarag days. hehe. include it in ur portfolio. 😀

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