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Guess what? I have a project now, but my ideas don’t appear on my head. Maybe because of yesterday’s trip to Calamba, I think I have left all of my good ideas there. Though, the boss didn’t tell me when will my projects are dued, I guess I need to produce bright and creative ideas. Where and How can I get those ideas in this four-cornered office? Maybe I can look through the walls and ceilings, but I tried that so many times and I found nothing. Nothing, that’s where all things starts. It’s really hard to start with nothing. Like writing in this blog starts from an empty paper. Should I have an inspiration? But for us working in advertising, an industry that needs creative ideas all the time to produce money, we can’t produce those everyday, it’s not always that you will find inspirations in your life. We need to work, but we have to work with our ideas to produce a productive outcome. As we all know ideas are unreliable sources of creativity, many of them will appear in a day, but there will be days they won’t. (Get the picture) I really need to work, but there are no ideas coming out of my head, instead blackheads and whiteheads do appear out of my head (What!?). I need ideas, where can I get some?

On Girlfriends…
They say these things will help me to get my inspiration, emotional inspiration that is. Still, I don’t got any of these. I finished high school without any girlfriend, attempted to court, yes, got one, none. I graduated college without love support. Sad, Ain’t I? It has been 10 years without a so-called lovelife. Ten years of focusing on other things in life such as studies, misfortunes, friends, fashion, gimmicks, et al. I am a total virgin, never been loved, never been kissed. But don’t get me wrong, I have infatuations too, actually a lot of them. I may not have a woman in my life, but having an eye for them is already a great feeling for me. Imagine that you can have a look to any beautiful girl in the planet without anyone getting jealous, hehe. I am an only child, if I don’t have my friends and family with me, I will be totally alone in this world. That s*cks! I really need to find one but as my principle says about love, it will come in time or in God’s time, or in a heartbeat. Love is a wonderful feeling. It’s like being infatuated for the rest of your life. I am already prepared for this, I am only waiting for that moment to arrive. As long as that moment has not yet arrived, I will enjoy single-blessedness. It’s not always you’ll be having this experience as a single, right?



  1. Need an inspiration source for building the foundations of your new graphic ideas? go here:

    Check out other peoples creations and work, and maybe your new ideas can fly off from there.

    [wow, I sound like an advertisement for them, I should get paid for this! 😉 ]

  2. It really boggles me that while other people say, atan, get really hyper when they are so-called inspired, while me on the other hand, have no such inspiration and i still manage to get through work. I get sad at times, though, but ‘just pointed out- inspirations makes us work lighter, it all boils down to the fact that you got all yourself for you. You say you can do this and sure you can. ‘Just a matter of perspective. And oh, i’ve been reading, and as you’ve said, we can and must be happy to be single, be happy bout the word and life and all, if in case we get company in the process, it was only a bonus, not necessity. Saka, it think it’s ok lang nga to be single (am i griping already?), in the mean time let all dem girls go gaga and drool in awe..

  3. Well our trip to Calamba, maybe it was fun aight? Sometimes you gotta explore things and places. Nothing in yer head? I feel it too sometimes. Well think of things that would make your adrenalin rush. Like me when i’m angry and people tend to put me down i feel the urge of doing things right. Well i feel the challenge there. Think of some inspiring things or place or person. That would really help. browse magazines.Keep it up man!

  4. The Calamba trip was really fun, though the fact it was a job not a leisure. I did have fun, just got “puyat” that night, so the next day, I was blank. hehehe

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