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Today was a better day than the past ones, guess what, there were less projects coming (That’s a miracle in my position in our company, baby). That’s good for me but bad for the company, I’m earning money while they don’t, haha. Ain’t that fun? Hehe, very naughty of me. Though there are less project these days (maybe of bad luck and karma) I still find something to do, like archiving/burning (CD’s ok) old files, deleting unnecessary documents, and labelling unlabeled discs. Yes it’s easier than graphic designing, but the headache of browsing all the CD’s to find out what’s in them is really exhausting. I need to backup these things to clear up the Hard Disks of my computer (or the company’s computer). I also have to make printouts (coz I rarely do that) to compile all jobs done previously, I guess there are hundreds. These job is really exhausting though a no-brainer task.

This is really better for me, to relax my brain from exhausting mindworks and backing-up old memories too. Task like this is like a vacation in the office where no brainstorming is needed. I need to back-up myself too and maybe do some defragging of my mind to maintain a good performance, socialization and a brighter personality. I don’t want to end up like an old computer that crashes down.



  1. yeah i is better for you, coz you can take a rest but the thing is, what will happen if your company will not earn, man if it hapens, be ready for it, for you will not earn too.take ations even if the company you are working is not the ideal one oyu are looking for.

  2. That was actually my plan from the very start I begun here. Hehehe. It’s my deepest desire. Just joking there dude!

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