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It’s Monday once again, another week of stress and start of weeklong dilemma. More problem-solving to do, and a lot of projects to face. Got to start this Monday positively and good lucks to end it the same way on Friday, we don’t want a terrible week, do we? It’s Monday again and we have to wake up early for our work (or class). Why do Monday have to be made, just like our favorite cat Garfield he hates Monday. After long hours of drinking of booze last Sunday night you have to wake up early morning with the feeling of a banged head. If only you can wake up late on Monday morning just to get your hangover over. Then you’ll get to the office and see pile of projects to greet you. Monday meetings that kills you even if you’re down with the last night’s doze of booze. How you wish it’s already Friday again and get your groove out in the night again. There’s no Monday night out, for that’s totally boring.

Let’s face it, Monday sucks. Stress starts on Mondays and the party starts on Fridays. The rest of the weekdays are full of endless dilemma and meeting your bad boss in the office.

Now back to work my friends coz there’s a lot of thing to do this week and then we”ll end it with a BANG this Friday (or Saturday for some) for our gracious reward of booze.


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  1. el gimikero!

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