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Words are very important to us people. There are a thousand of words we hear, write or say. But there are words or statements we keep in mind, meaningful and related to our lives. Let me tell you some that I have, these are quotations from movies, books, famous people, friends and even I, myself, created:

“Shame is nothing if opportunity is everything.”
“Superman is not brave, he is indestructable. No one can be brave if he is indestructable.” from the movie Angus
“A slot is an anagram* of lost, while a slut is an anagram of lust.”
“The cat can’t play if the rat is away.”
“The more you know the more you realize you know less.” from a friend
In a extremely hot Philippine summer a demon speaks “You’re lucky that your weather is still like this, ours is hotter.”
“I was not here elected to see my people suffer and die, while you discuss this invasion in a comittee.” from Queen Amidala in Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
“Men are people with two legs and eight hands.” from a book
“I know nothing.” from Socrates
“When you’re on earth, you can’t defy the law of gravity; what goes up, goes down.”
“For all playboys and sex addicts, sex is heaven while having a baby is hell.”
In a radio promo, DJ’s question is “To what fruit you can compare your kiss?” I answered “Durian, tastes like heaven but smells like hell.”
“Success fruits fame, while fame does not fruit success.”
“Plans are subjected to be done and not to be stuck.”
“You can’t speak of bitch, shit and fuck without knowing it’s meaning.”
“Your name is divine, while your surname is a sanctuary.”
“Knowing nothing is knowing something.”
“The perfectness of man lies on the balance of good and evil which is relative. The purity with either good or evil unbalances which is absolute.”
“The more mistakes you make, the more success you create.”
“Everyone is equally creative.”
“What’s right for you can be wrong to me”
“The strong will live, the weak will surely die.”

These are the quotations I recalled that affects me truly. There are more to come.


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