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I have received a lot of complains this past summer, they were
complaining that summer was too hot. Now the Philippine summer has
gone, and the rain starts on pouring yet we still complain. The rainy
season causes too much trouble, like trouble getting up early because
it feels great to sleep more. Then catching the morning traffic on the
streets due to accidents, floods, and rush hour. Getting a ride will be
harder, especially for the commuters, because the all PUV’s are fully
loaded. And afterwards, before you get to the office you will step on a
puddle of water/mud making your shoes and pants wet. Wearing a jacket
in this kind of weather has been a trouble because it may rain in the
morning then the sun will pop out from the clouds greeting you hello
and warms up the rest of the day. But let’s look at the brighter side
of the rainy season, the weather is cooler and a lot of suspension in
class/work will occur in this type of weather.

Surprisingly, we always complain about the weather. Whether, it’s hot
or cold, rainy or summer, we complain. What kind of weather will be
just right for us? We live in a country that has only two seasons, and
we are lucky for that. Why not enjoy the warm (or extremely hot) summer
and have a sweat because we will burn a lot of calories even we are
just sitting. Be glad of the rain because we won’t be worrying of El
Nio or enjoying a hot drink like coffee and hot chocolates. Let’s
enjoy the season we have, and we will find that our weather is not that
bad after all.



  1. yup, the weather sure is moody these days. But sure am not willing to burn calories hehe

  2. nice site, tnx!

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