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Having a life is easy, but getting a life is hard.

Living in this country is hard. You need to make money for a living. For bosses, they think that life is very easy for us workers and employee. But they don’t know how hard we strive just to earn. I understand that not all bosses are not that bad, but I guess I end up with that one. I have entered in a company that I don’t really know who the people behind it. I am excited to start and have great expectations within the company. I started there having fun, even with all the stress I gathered in the work, I loved it. But then, as time progresses, the darkness of the company goes stronger, shutting down the lights that I used to have. I have used all my potentials for that company, even my loyalty I gave to them. But the people behind it was not worthy of any loyalty and hardship I gave. Each day I wake up, I feel all of the world’s weight is on me. The stress that I used to love starts to crawl up to my head bringing out the worst of me. I have changed since I started in this company. I’m starting to dislike my evolution, my mutation.

Now, I’m planning to move on with my life. I will retire from this past and move on to the other. If my future doesn’t end up well, I will try again and choose for another future. Stopping is not a solution for me. As life goes, moving will always be there for me.


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  1. hey, how u doing? Not that well i guess. But if you’re still in that old work of yours, one advice: Get out of there. You don’t need them, and it’ll all be their lost. You and your creativity deserves something better. Get out of there before that so-called work exhaust your enthusiasm. Creativity needs freedom. But then again, freedom is a state of mind. Godspeed m’amigo

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